Uploading and Committing

This is for developers to use and includes steps on using tortoisegit. Once development has been done and html files are created/modified, its time to upload / commit your work. go to D:\xampp\htdocs\[website] right click in the empty space and say “Git check for modifications” the git pending changes window opens right click on any […]

Website Environment Setup

1) Apache, Mysql, PHP First install Xampp or Xampplite (d:\xampp) NB: If you want to keep trying new php frameworks and would like to install them with a single click, use Softaculous which comes bundled with ampps. 2) Source code revision control Download git (you may not want tortoisegit). This is if you want to […]

File Manager

WordPress media library is a little bothersome to use. Uploads go into a /2013/07/folder, are stored in the wp_posts table and all sorts of thumbnails are created. The shortcodes [link] for image (or documents) use a relative path to the sites assets/images folder. So [link src=sample.jpg] will expect assets/images/sample.jpg to exist and will link to […]