Yield Goals

Don’t think of these as goals of one organization, think of every NGO born and yet to be born as being part of the every day is your last initialive.

– Facilitate the future that Gene Roddenberry, Creator of Star Trek projected for us all so well
The five fold dream of Aurobindo and Indias gift to the world
– being better persons, parents and transforming children faster
– Survive our technological adolescence and get rid of over commercialization (also mindlessness)
– Integrating with our technologists (HSMP) and making them push the envelope
– Non secularism, inter community dialog / harmony
– Drawing out the docets, speakers, volunteers, donors and developers
– Making spinoffs and supporting other organizations as declared in Dear Brother
– Leading the free our treasures in space movement (inspired by OSS, FSF, Bill Gates and the like)
– Helping 3rd world countries reach the bar and Truly Becoming ONE WORLD
– Advocating reduced non-vegetarianism and humanitarianization (Keeping in mind Carlin’s saving the planet Tattvam)
– Leveraging technology as a means of evolution and using it to make NGOs worldwide more efficient.
– Embracing dynamic quality and TQM in every nook and corner of the world. Respecting static quality systems and making them coexist. See Metaphysics of Quality
– Forgiving our parents and the system, and helping laterally as well as upwards instead of only the poorer. (Think Kahlil Gibran and The Prophet here)

Anything else that isnt crystal clear from the Roadmap

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