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Brief Arguments for .Net

I know php is still in a different league and a natural choice for web application development, but consider this:

  • .Net / oops are more human friendly – php is only geek friendly πŸ™‚
  • .Net has its own kind of power. Problem is its developers are lazy and so give it a bad name. (Think ORKUT and its success here).
  • Ajax is a concept. Yes its implemented a lot in php but can also be done neatly in .Net
  • For bandwidth and scaling (good pluses of php), think of a CDN like Akamai orΒ its competitors.

I personally feel Microsoft have done a good job so far and its now upto the developer community to wake up and take a fresh look at the .Net beast. And to stop blindly following into php where the geek before went. .Net deserves its own geeks ad not just amateur developers.

First a VB and now a .Net addict, this argument has been brewing in my head a while. It may take years to catch on though πŸ™‚ Till that happens, I will continue to try and make use of things like php – silly thing is so good I only have to get under the bonnet to tell it what I want it to do. I still have no clue how to write apps with it! Lets hope someday brilliant things like that will be mainstream in .Net as well.

My 2 cents!


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