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I’m modifying the wordpress plugin to include a custom Ordering and expose a method cs_get_featured_posts which wraps query_posts for use directly in a theme. I need this for letting the theme customize the results instead of simply using the widget provided in the original. Browse source.


  • Add featuredOrder to the add_featured method.
  • add cs_get_featured_posts method.
  • hook the query_posts to include custom joins and order by to make it more readable than trying to pass all as parameters.

To Arrive at this, I had to try WP_DEBUG and realised that the suggested get_meta_sql doesnt work by looking at query.php.


  • Check accusation of javascript site hacking.
  • Contact Original Author GdnGroups via forum.
  • Ask them to merge this / create new plugin.
  • What is purpose of featured-post.php?

In my theme, to get the picture:

I’ve only to add the lines below:

while ( have_posts() ) { the_post();
		$id = get_the_ID();
    echo '<a href="' . get_permalink($id) . '">';
		the_title(); echo "</a><br/>";

And to configure it, the edit post looks like so.


function cs_get_featured_posts()
	//add filters for posts_join_paged, posts_where_paged, posts_orderby
	//remove filters
function featposts_join_sql( $meta_sql )
    return " LEFT JOIN wp_postmeta as pmF ON (wp_posts.ID = pmF.post_id AND pmF.meta_key = 'featured') "
    		.= " LEFT JOIN wp_postmeta as pmO ON (wp_posts.ID = pmO.post_id AND pmO.meta_key = 'featuredOrder') ";
function featposts_where_sql( $meta_sql )
    return " AND (pmF.meta_value = 1)";
function featposts_order_sql( $orderby )
    return 'pmO.meta_value ASC';


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