web and orm framework


Entities and their maps are managed in Excel and generated using QGen.

  • Entity has Id and auditing columns (created / updated).
  • TableName, fieldNames and Captions are defined in an EntityMap.
  • DBManager (base class)
    • Generates Insert / Update based on Id = default or not.
    • Loads one / list using db reader given constructor as argument.
    • Fluently build DbCommand with sql string and named parameters.
    • Execute command with an expected rows to update and message to throw if rowcount not expected.

UI Fwk

  • Generic List / View and Edit Control (takes FielCollection)
  • Gets FieldCollection from postback so that saving can be (caught in pageload) done before reload. Again, uses no runat server controls.
  • Special Fields (like radio button with key / value) can be plugged in. Key / val defined in Orm layer.

Tree Displaying

Given a parentid, a flat List<T> can be loaded hierarchically using FindAll / ForEach and AddRange.

Displaying can be done with a combination of ul / li calling a recursive function.

Both these can be seen here.


Still in gestation, I will cleanup and upload this project later.

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