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The Holy Science

The_Holy_Science is a book by Sri_Yukteswar_Giri written in 1894, which seeks to show the commonalities between the Upanishads and the Bible. Download it here.

Interestingly, Manu was a rishi of the Satya Yuga and the Kali Yuga is said to have ended around 1700AD. The Yugas are the ages as the sun moves in its 24,000 year orbit around the zodiac. Satya Yuga is the period where the sun is closest to the Vishnunabhi, the seat of the creative power, Brahma (or as David Frawley says, when our twin star, a dark one blocks us from it). Read more »

no less brittle

Whens the last time an Atheist paused in his reckless abandon at being free of his shackles to accept the notion that everything religious is not moot.

Or a firm monotheist with no particular convictions think about the validity of everything he despised.

Is it really so hard to reconcile our differences? To accept that each ones truth is simply that – his own. No less true for respecting the other for it. Read more »

kahlil’s plea

from Kahlil the Heretic.

Nov 2013: Also see the whole Forerunner – kind of like Rand’s Fountainhead.

Listen to us oh Liberty and hear us.
From the Nile to the Euphrates.. hands are stretched to you..

Until when shall we bear the scorn of ages? Many a yoke has been placed on our necks. Until when shall we bear this human outrage? Read more »