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doctrine of rebirth

Origen was a person devoted to scriptural authority, a scourge to the enemies of the church, and a martyr for the faith.   He was the spiritual teacher of a large and grateful posterity and yet his teachings were declared heresy in 553.  The debates and controversies that flared up around his teachings are in fact the record of reincarnation in the church.


The Arians believed that human beings could also be adopted as Sons of God by imitating Christ.  For the Arians, the incarnation of Christ was designed to show us that we can follow Jesus and become, as Paul said, “joint heirs with Christ.”

The orthodox Church, by creating a gulf between Jesus and the rest of us, denied that we could become Sons in the same way he did.


Having read The Perfect Ones, I’ve come to have a certain liking for The Cathars

The Cathars were a religious group who appeared in Europe in the eleventh century, their origins something of a mystery. Catholic theologians debated with themselves for centuries whether Cathars were Christian heretics or whether they were not Christians at all. Read more »

no less brittle

Whens the last time an Atheist paused in his reckless abandon at being free of his shackles to accept the notion that everything religious is not moot.

Or a firm monotheist with no particular convictions think about the validity of everything he despised.

Is it really so hard to reconcile our differences? To accept that each ones truth is simply that – his own. No less true for respecting the other for it. Read more »

gospel of st thomas


Whether or not Thomas represents actual sayings of Jesus, it is perhaps one of the most spiritually advanced documents produced by his followers, and in this author’s opinion, probably comes closer to the original message of Jesus than do the canonical gospels (at least in their modern orthodox interpretations). The message of Thomas’ Jesus is one of salvation through personal realization of the presence of the divine. The sayings of Jesus in this text sound very similar to words one might expect to hear from the mouths of the Buddha Gotama Siddharta, the Taoist philospher Lao-Tzu, or many modern psychologists and philosphers such as Aldous Huxley or Alan Watts. In the end, it matters not who spoke these words, only that they have been preserved for us, for these are words with much wisdom to impart. Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear! Read more »