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QGen Lite

QGen uses string.format to generate code. It can be replaced with T4 but still has its own charm.
I rewrote it today stripping it to bare essentials. You can also see it on gist.github.com
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cakephp baker

I like the console app for cakephp which generates code, but have found the command line wizard a bit tedious. I’ve always dream’t of finding a nice gui for invoking a series of commands. Finally I set about writing one

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cakephp baking

Baking is the way of generating code in cakephp.
You can bake anything from plugins to views.
First create the tables needed. based on where the cake bake command is invoked, the baker automatically connects to the default db configured in app/config and prompts what to bake.
Logically, baking is done in this order. Model, Controller, Views.

See a quick tutorial here or view the original screencast (with ads) or on youtube.

To bake plugins, see here.


QGen – Code Generator

QGen is a rapid code generator I’ve been developing since 2007.

I’ve used it in 5 real time projects and found the enhanced productivity a boon.


  • csv (/ tsv) file driven. So content can be managed in Excel making full use of Excel formulae, find and replace. Excel makes a good substitute for Class Diagrams and this way code always stays in sync
  • Switch folders based on namespaces (by using Lookup Columns)
  • Control when not to use a particular line in generation.
  • Generate different types of classes following the same set of rows (just add additional columns). Usually I create entities, FluentNH maps, Dtos and Views. This makes viewing your entire code base as easy as looking at a single excel file.
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