Tag: asp

1: items by category

This is a simple crossmatrix of items by category or categories by item.
Its developed as a simple standalone asp.net page with a backing static class (with xml serialization for persistence) 3 simple structs for item, category and ItemInCategory.

There are 5 tabs which show one after the other (on the same page)
Cats: Manage List of Categories / Add
Items: Manage List of Items / Add
Matrix: Lets you add items to categories.
Cat Viewer: Shows list of categories, letting you see the items belonging to them.
Item Viewer: Shows list of Items, and the categories in which they belong. Read more »

new criteria on postback

Assume you need to have a webform where any number of criteria can be added. Criteria is a set of input fields and N number can be added.

We can use an asp-repeater for this. The problem is catching the add button postback and retrieving 1-n sets of fields from the input

We can do this with 3 smart methods. Read more »