Introducing Sophia

Dear beloved members of my cosmic family,

If you happened by, you may want to consider getting on our list Sophia – the place for religiosity, not religion. Cause we don’t ever want to be singing *losing my religion*, instead focusing on Our Similarities, nor do we ever want to have a reluctant Messiah or have to burn anyone at the stake. All that is PAST – in the DARK ages. Theyre over now, Jesus and Mohammed helped us get over them.

Why Sophia – the root of philosophy naturally – philos = affinity / liking for. sophia means wisdom.

Someone from an Abrahamic religion: A 16th century Indian king Akbar (the Great). started an idea called Religion of God, and it FAILED.

Do you know that Akbar tried to do something before his time? This was before the dark ages ended in 1700.

He did not fail – he got to inspire people like me 400 years later? how do you call that a failure?

He was pre-british. pre WW I & II. and PRE 60s and in all the decades since, we’ve proven our worth as a world. We were out proving it in 1939, and in 1914. We have done it in every age, since ADAM – there has always been some man who has responded, stood upto the trials of his time and won the day one generation more. We used to call them Prophets in the time of Elijah, but stopped after Mohammad.

You have to stop thinking of people as static, unchanging fools
you need to trust evolution and mans inner flame. There is a reason why Allah asked Iblis to bow before man, NEVER FORGET THAT

Or are you like the Christian who says *oh ye sinners*? Today I see value in that approach too. man is unfortunately (or was 2000 years ago) in a state where he needs to be considered un-evolved until he tells himself he isnt so – then miraculously he doesnt need to be told that anymore.

Man behaves better the better people treat him… old proven fact.

If you look at the dirt in man and treat him like dirt, he will remain dirt.

I will quote you Saraha and Tantra (referred in the book by Osho on that) when I have the luxury of time. ^1

If you believe in man and trust that god knew what he was doing when he asked the devil to bow down to him, you will never draw the wrong conclusions about him again!


PS: most of us are unfortunately STUCK in the past.

Either religions are outdated. or were holding onto past grudges and not loving each other enough.

I believe in love surviving death into eternity – Savage Garden ^1
All you need is love – Beatles

PS2: Its pathetic to see how the British, Germans and Americans are thought of by the kinds of people who are hung up in the past / present. They always need someone to pin the blame on. ^1

There is a powerful saying – if you cannot accept the blame for it, you will always be the victim of it. Then there is Kahlil Gibran who says:
– And when one of you falls down he falls for those behind him, a caution against the stumbling stone.
– Ay, and he falls for those ahead of him, who though faster and surer of foot, yet removed not the stumbling stone.

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