the good fight

If this were a movie, I would be seen in my defining years as being wounded by another limb of this many headed dehumanising monster. Then all through my life finding and fighting it in my many little trials – first trials of recognition, then of character, minor skirmishes and finally – this post. This witnessing can be friends, news, movies, books, astral travel (not quite there yet) etc.

Just like Leonidas in 300, I’m no longer that inept little boy anymore. Bring it on! I’ll get to Thermopylae if I have to.

Like Alexander said, in the end, we all go to the grave with our hands bare. It’s what we can do for our hearts and our inner peace that matters.

Spartacus (Slave King) – when I come back, I’ll be MILLIONS.

Tolkien did It time and again with Melkor, Sauron, Saruman, Ar-PharazĂ´n in the Silmarillion. He put everything against a backdrop of music with God the composer and the devil simply a talented musician, wanting to improvise and make his own part bigger.

Billy Elliot trying to break free and follow his dream. Vincent (also a Song) trying to do the same first for people which finally gave him his own freedom for it moulded him into the painter he became as told in Lust For Life (also a Movie).

Will be back with more stories. I cant put these in a song or movie basket because, for example, van Gogh’s is a person, book, movie AND song.

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