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Positive Unified Energy

As the Mother says, we often do not get what we want because of the number of conflicting thoughts we have. Remove the unwanted ones and focus powerfully on what you want, do this a few minutes when your in a good place (in body and mind).

You can pray for anything as long as its in accord with your highest right. Do not forget there are forces beyond our plane that can retard or engender a good or bad idea, so try and keep it honest.

Reiki and healing

There are any number of healing systems in the world. All of them overpromise because its really in the end upto the potential of the person learning to harness it, but its easy to start, keep belittling yourself and go out of way to not be assertive about your *powers* until the very end.

Visualize the influences

There are yogic surgeons who can heal with their power of visualization. Anyone can develop their powers of visualization by remembering / imagining as much about a song / book / movie as they can. Now instead of condemning my choice of lyric, please see if you can connect with the energy of the following lines:

You must have heard of a little bo peep – she was the gal with all the sheep
well one day its so sad to say – the sheep all ran away
she was lonely she was blue – she was sad and a crying too
so I told her what to do – I said put on your dancing shoes

Peace and Goodwill

I believe I am quoting Luke 2:14 when I say Peace on earth, goodwill to men. Lets not wind up like the cartoon cited above.

Stop cursing people, yourself, your rotten luck, God or the system. Equipoise / titiksha means putting up with what comes yourway in a way that HELPS the situation.

Its not uncommon for a freethinker to bless whosoever troubleth him for the opportunity to control himself. Or for a healer to try and bless a gathering of his fellow men.

Start with loved ones, but try and include friends, classmates, coworkers, church members, random passers by, people who are losing their cool, entire trains or cities.

Divinise the music

Think that the happiest person is in complete accord with his center – like Eugene in the Practice preaching law like it is his religion. There is always some music that we like. Whether its as self-fulfilling as Deck of cards or as seemingly incongruous as hard days night. Try singing these lines to your indwelling spirit or any other love song for that matter:

It’s been a hard day’s night – And I’ve been working like a dog
It’s been a hard day’s night – I should be sleeping like a log
But when I get home to you – I find the things that you do
Will make me feel all right

Lucid Dreaming

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