gsr mind calibration

Skin Response

Wiki: Galvanic Skin Resistance┬ámeasurement can be used to measure the degree of control over the mind, by its immediate effect on the body’s skin conductivity.

Its the simplest form of Biofeedback and were experimenting with ways to use it, planning to pulish a DIY circuit someday

Breathing Analysis

There is also a system of using earphones to detect breathing frequency and pattern. This sort of device is robust and can be hooked up to your phone and even recorded for further analysis.


Then is Wiki: Alpha wave and Delta feedback. These systems work like an EEG and require electrodes.

Changelog – 31 Jul 2011 – added GSR link, 05 Nov 2013 – added earphone/breathing and alphawave (2 new projects that are yet to get off the ground)

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