dreaming of the queen

Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race!

While we are talking brainsync and yin-yang, have you ever stopped to consider that you reach perfection only when your energies are harmonized / reciprocated. Finding a soulmate is one thing, finding a twin flame is something else.

If as Richard Bach says, you spend a lifetime searching for that someone somewhere only to find that someone was Yourself, and that you magnetize into your life with positive vibes whatever you want, then I say visualize your perfect match. Someone to share in your process of self-discovery, someone to give flight to your dreams, to make the world a better place.

This works on 3 levels
– You stop thinking about past relationships and what limited choices you have
– You start focusing on the things you want and need and are more liable to end up making the right choices for yourself
– As you focus on this project, your energies get channelized in a good way and as your visualization potential increases, you will one day ACTUALLY find yourself sitting beside this person of your dreams

Like the princess in Fantasia, she needs a name!

Some of the ways to get there.
meeting people in lucid dreams
– You can begin with someone you know / have been intimate with, but ideally you build a person out of pure fiction. Imagine time well spent with them

The ancillary stuff helps. Imagine a song like this:

Oh, child of my dreams, wrap your love around me
I feel you oh so close but I just can’t bring you through
The time is not quite right for I have not yet met your mommy
It must be hard for you but I know she’s coming soon.

And I’ll be waiting here with open arms
For you and those of you who bring the joy of love
Bright new lights to shine on the earth
Child, you are my rebirth.

Changelog: Stubbed on Feb 28th 2012. First 2 experiments happened that week and the one after. Now it runs more in a background thread… Touched up and published on Nov 5th 2013.

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