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censorship – static vs dynamic quality

This humble message of Imam Husain (AS) is being enchased by Mr. Kalim Shaikh and being used as an entertainment feature for the public where theĀ roles of the Holy warriors of Imam Husain (AS) are being played by the actors of Bollywood.

Dear Reader,

I’m a writer and theologian myself, so in response to this attempt at censorship, here is my take.

I have had similar reasons to ban other sacred material being dramatized and adapted in the past, but I believe in the growing proof of maturity among the world community. Read more »

the worlds friendliest indian

Take a coolio like Munroe, lets call him Burt!
Take an extreme sport like racing, add a pinch of Salt
put it in a Pan and start to stir it with some steak knives
Add a dash of lemon, piss on it if that catches your fancy
serve up on a Lake with a touch of Indian and what have you? Read more »

is the commonwealth dying

I thought we only had to worry about the Americans bastardizing English, apparently not just.

I’ve already been thinking hard about preserving UK English (something we still share in the commonwealth). In every part of the world, people are VERY itchy about preserving their cultural heritage. Well, what about the British! Who gave us the common denominator that we have to build and interact on! Dont they have a say in the matter?

I thought it was very relevant to our time that there is an Apostrophe Protection Society as mentioned by Lynne Truss. Read more »

what makes a writer tick

Imagine a world beautiful and perfect, then know one thing, that Infinite Radiant Is has imagined it a whole lot better ^1.

We’ve built a world out of Anarchy ^1. But all lovers are deranged ^3. Which ones? The Giants on whose shoulders we stand ^4. For if in the voice of Luthien was power to silence he who was mightiest among the Ainur (Melkor) ^5, then Karen must be her incarnate to take us to the Top of the World ^6.

With architects like Roark ^7 to inspire us – building for love and exploration and divinizations sake, and Angels like Niggle and Eugene and Ackroyd and Ben Franklin to light the way, or characters like Goldberg, Shimoda, Monty and Budgie and Stormy ^9 to keep us company, isn’t it conceivable why we dream or care to build superstructures in the mind to match the ones in the spirit world as described by Bo Yin Ra ^10.

Of epics sung and battles fought, of Harvest’s reaped ^11 in sorrow and countless years ending in a Nirnaeth Arnoediad. Read more »

Islam not Atheism

Islam is made of these 4 letters. I is actually A qualified by the e accent (similar to Hindi etc).
A – Alif – Peace
S – Seen – Security
LA – Laam Alif – Education
M – Mohammed – Love

How long before a religion founded on these principles that has fallen to this pitiable state starts to produce atheists like Christianity has? Do we subtract the time difference between Christ and Mohammed and come up with a figure of 600 years? Or, now that atheism is in vogue in Vedic and Buddhist circles too, can we expect utter chaos within 50 years ^1?

What of the Love Krishna, Buddha, Christ and Mohammed bore us? Read more »

Gonna try and love again

What baser need than hope? In a dichotonous universe, every question is a two edged sword. At the end of ‘a river runs through it’^1, is mention of how very difficult it is to give loved ones what they need. We dont know how, and they dont need what we love, or dont know how to take it.

To be a successful giver, its a matter of changing perspective. Help must always be on the receiver’s terms, else its only a case of bullying. And we all know that’s an egoistic stance, and courting with disaster. How many steps from frustration to Anakin ^2.

Frustration and helplessness, borne from misapplication of good intent. But such is not to be our lot.

You may not be able to speak spirituality to one who is hungry, but what of food for the mind, something to warm the heart, and antidotes to all our poisonous thoughts? If we wait till the patient’s hunger is sated, we may never be able to recover the fragile mind and the broken spirit. Read more »

Dear Brother, of both Kindreds

To all my brothers
I grew up at my mother’ side. We lived on the eastern side of a mountain. By the time I was fifteen, I had come to know the facts of life. Our people were not responsible for a single modern convenience. Those came from the tribe that lived on the west slope. There was also some mention of a Golden Age in my people’s past, but that was millennia ago. I had the privilege of watching my brethren descend en masse into destitution, thievery – immorality in its many guises – a chaos that bound and enslaved us.

Repulsed by the thriving animal instinct here and lured by the order, freedom and justice there, my brothers had packed their belongings one early spring morning and began an exodus that would leave our villages bereft of most of the few remaining civilised people. The rest of us could not stand the chaos, but did not know what to do, so closed our eves and pretended everythings alright. Read more »

musings interrupted

Why madness? Because the thoughts are too loud. The thoughts and the worries. Their incessant gnawing at the foundation of our faith and hope and dream.

Misplaced energy on transient things. How can I judge what is transient or unreal and speak of inclusion? I am not qualified to say this is the way, but isn’t there something missing? Some higher purpose? To delve within ourselves and find a bedrock of faith and positivity and on it to build a fount of dynamism. And to expel our fears and frivolities.

When O lord shall the writing come to me as it came to Goldberg^1. Or did Pullman^2 make that up? Is there no writer so prolific? Or do you need to tap into the right source like Budgeron^3 did?

Why should talk of edifices and monuments in the other world^4 make it seem to materialistic? Building is a noble profession. Read more »

to live, love

while the flame is strong, cause we may not be the young ones, very long!

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.

So what of the mirth and gaiety in life. Why do so many live in ignorance and denial of it? Read more »

love thy self

What is love, what if God was one of us. What if God were stuck in a corner of his own fencing and needed a hand?

What of the Gods? What of the God in man? Why anger, indignation, bitterness, frustration, ill-will, emptiness, spite. Not born of callousness and indifference, but of love unrequited and rejected.

Of long ago mishaps and chances lost. Of abominations committed by the callous and grudges borne. Now the world is gone I’m just one, oh please God help me^1. Help me lift the jaded view of the world, lift the cesspool out of the sparkling mountain water and see it for what it is. Forgive my fellow man our differences, for he knows not even that there is a way. Forgive me my misdirected hatred of him, and my inability to love him, yes every last one of him. Demons, daisies, all borne of the same Ultimate, heading back to the sublime.

What are the values? Consideration, non aggression, nonviolence, benevolence, inclusion, acceptance, kindness, hope, endurance, self-forgiveness, direction, insight, wisdom and its application. What makes a good value? Anything that increases our love for the universe. What the bad? Anything that breeds negativity, dislike, self aggrandizement.
Is there no cure for poverty of the spirit? Or self-loathing? Or chronic depression?

What if God was one of us? What if God was inside us? Desperate to come out? Why do we cling on to pain so much? Whoever said self immolation was the way and that walking around with cloven spirit was the right thing to do.

Reach out and touch something and say I love you. Start with the mirror and then across the dining table. In their well being and prosperity alone lies my happiness^2. Something good in everything I see^3.

1 – One – Metallica
2 – Indian National Pledge
3 – I have a dream – Westlife