Welcome to CSELIAN

Technical, Creative and Social Domain of Imran Ali Namazi.

After some 20 years experience building sites, I now have a system called AMADEUS which simplifies life for everyone. Am currently involved in:

  1. Building the YML Network
  2. Productizing Amadeus
  3. Making a mobile app for YM
  4. Building AM's Engage platform. (to be announced shortly)

You will find my creative writing here, my CV here and my work profile here.

Old Links:
Pre 2021:
  1. 2013 - Port my .net apps to C# (FTPSync, IViewer)
  2. 2011 - Book Publishing as precursor to YM (I learn php)
  3. 2005 - Imran's College Portfolio (VB6 / Electronics / Embedded)
  4. 2001 - IVY's Angelfire Site (html / VB6 / games and apps)
  5. 1998 - Digital Circuits (foray into electronics age 15)

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